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We are a full-service Canadian Immigration Law boutique that offers comprehensive legal advice to the clients. Over the years, our immigration lawyer Vancouver has provided the right guidance to firms and individuals, helping them land on the Canadian shores safely. Not only this, we are also regularly consulted by other law firms who wish to discuss a case matter pertaining to immigration issues. We contribute to the local legal community by being part of the local immigration forums.

Our in-depth knowledge and extensive work experience are the force behind our success. Our team keeps itself constantly updated with the latest immigration rules and regulations affecting the potential immigrants. From temporary workers visa to Canadian business visitors visa, our services cover the whole gamut of Canadian immigration universe.

Book a consultation and talk to one of our immigration lawyer Vancouver. Our conversation will definitely help you make an informed decision and improve chances of your immigration to Canada.

Our Services

Business Immigration

We have helped numerous companies and institutions across the globe come to Canada to work, invest or transfer their employees.

PR Card Renewal

If an individual has received permanent residency status, and has not received a PR Card or wants to reapply for a lost, stolen, or expired PR Card, contact us.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Our professionals will help you bring your unique skill set to enrich British Columbia’s growing economy.

Express Entry

We will help you optimize your application for Express Entry and help you improve your chances of selection from the pool.

Immigration Refusal

If your immigration application to Canada has been declined, you still have options. However, it is important that you act quickly before the deadline for appeal ends. Call us today!

Spousal Visa

We will help reunite your family through spousal visas and sponsorship for married spouses, and common-law partners.

Immigration Vancouver

Why People Choose Us

Why People Choose Us
Fast Approval

We will ensure that your application is filed right for a speedy, and successful resolution.

Accurate Documentation

Our professionals know the precise documents related to your case and will quickly complete & submit them.

Low Refusal Rate

Our efficient and proven process ensures that chances of your refusal are low. However, in the event of a refusal, we are there for you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

As per Canada’s constitutional laws, an individual who holds Canadian permanent residency (also his/her accompanying dependents) has permission to live, work and enjoy most of the benefits and privileges Canadian citizens enjoy. Permanent residents have a right of entry to Canada, rather than the privilege of entry US Green Card holders have. However, permanent residents may not vote in elections.

Applications for Canadian PR, are initially made inside Canada via the Centralized Intake Office at its Case Processing Centre. After approval, the application undergoes further processing at the suitable immigration office outside of Canada where the applicant is legally residing.

In case of spousal applications, the applicant and spouse must both attend an interview at an immigration office. In certain cases, the spouse’s requirement to attend the interview in-person can be waived. However, interview waivers are highly discretionary and determined on a case by case basis. Children may also be asked to attend the interview.

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Why People Choose Us
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