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Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver is Your Gateway to Canadian Immigration.
About Us

Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver is a leading Canadian immigration law firm. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible and we have the resources and expertise to get the results you need. We have helped thousands of people and organizations come to Canada under many different visa categories. At Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver, we will be there for you from the early stages of the immigration process to help you decide which category is right for you and we will go the extra mile to ensure a successful result.

Experienced Consultants & Professional Lawyers

At Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver we employ a team of experienced immigration consultants and lawyers to ensure our ability to provide every client with the services they need. Our in-depth expertise comes from years of experience in the Canadian immigration industry serving a wide array of individuals and organizations.

We understand that no two case files are alike and that is why we focus on providing custom-made solutions for each and every client. We believe in personalized services that are cost-effective as well as guarantee success. These elements are central to all the services we provide at every stage of the immigration process. Our staff are focused on providing you with the service you need, with integrity and to the high standard you expect. At Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver, when you succeed, we succeed.

What We Do

At Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver, our lawyers and consultants have a wide array of experience in many different aspects of Canadian immigration law. Whether it is obtaining work permits, PR card renewal, LMO/LMIA or family immigration, we have the right solution for your Canada visa needs. Our professionals prepare your applications, forms, submission letters, necessary supporting documents and much more. We combine personalized counseling with strategic immigration planning to match your needs. Our professionals are committed to providing you with guidance drawn from years of combined experience, and acting with integrity and efficiency.

Our Services

  • Corporate employee transfer and intra-company branch transfer applications
  • Labour Market Opinion applications
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian work permit and LMO/LMIA applications
  • Canadian Permanent Residency Card Renewal
  • Canadian permanent residence applications
  • Canadian citizenship applications
  • NAFTA applications
  • Investor Visa Applications
  • Skilled worker, Business and Family Class Sponsorships and applications

Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver strives to provide a smooth immigration experience. We don’t treat you like a file number, we collaborate with you on every stage of the application and support you in every phase. You will find us right behind you with professional help at every step of the application process.

At Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver, our professionals work diligently to meet client’s immigration application needs. We aim to offer you a wide range of services to help you relocate to Canada. Whatever Canadian visa you require, our experts can help you!

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