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Canadian Visitors Visa

A Canadian Business Visitors Visa is a type of Visitor Visa for business people and investors who want to visit to Canada to meet with investors, or explore more opportunities for their businesses. This category is intended for investors and individuals travelling to Canada for business purposes.

An applicant who is interested in applying for a Business Visitors Visa must have their main business assets or source of income outside of Canada.

Since this is one of the most sought after visa types, it is extremely competitive and applicants must be aware of the requirements for a successful application. At Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver, our immigration advisors are committed to helping you meet your immigration goals. Feel free to discuss all your queries or concerns with our experts

Who is a Canadian Business Visitors Visa for?

Business people and investors who want to visit Canada to explore business opportunities, from countries which are not visa exempt, must have a Visitor Visa. The purpose of the trip can range from:

  • Attending a seminar
  • Meeting with business partners in Canada
  • Exploring potential sites for new business ventures or business growth
  • Meeting in person with the seller of an existing business
  • And much more…

Questions you should ask your immigration professional about Business Visitors Visa?

At Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver, we believe that the primary reason why visa applications are rejected is because the right questions are not asked at the right time.

Here are some of the very important questions that you should ask to ensure your Canadian Business Visitors visa application gets approved:

  • Am I from a visa exempt country?
  • What are the documents required to support my business visit to Canada?
  • What activities should not be done in Canada with my business visitor visa?
  • If you have a family, you should also ask whether or not your family can also qualify for a business visitor visa.

Why Contact Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver for an Assessment?

At Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver, we understand that every business owner wants to grow and develop their business, and many want to do so internationally. Our professionals will help you in preparing the documents and collecting the other relevant information you need to qualify for the Business Visitors Visa. With years of experience in the immigration industry, we will work hard to ensure your success.

Speak to our immigration professional today and know your best options.