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Immigration refusal

Has your immigration application been refused? Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver can help you appeal the decision.

Immigration refusal is not uncommon. However, we understand the impact a refusal can have on you, and the stress associated with trying to navigate the appeal process. However, it is crucial that an appeal is properly filed according to immigration rules and procedures. Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver has many years of experience handling appeals and finding solutions for clients who have been refused. Let us help you through this trying time.

Reason behind Application Refusal

Visa applications are rejected for many reasons, often simply because the supporting documentation was invalid or insufficient. As immigration professionals, the staff at Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver can help reduce the risk of rejection by preparing your application for you. However, once rejected we can help you find solutions such as appealing the decision or making an application under a different category.

Meet our immigration professionals and we will help you determine:

  • Whether or not you are eligible to appeal?
  • Whether you should reapply or appeal?
  • What the deadlines for filing an appeal are?
  • How you can file an appeal.

Get the Right Help This Time – Call Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver

Applications are refused for a variety of reasons, including insufficient documentation, invalid documentation, and sometimes an application is made in an inappropriate category. However, the right immigration professional knows how to present your file in a positive light and avoid these issues.

Let’s discuss your Canada immigration refusal case in detail.