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Spousal Sponsorship Canada

Spousal sponsorship and common-law sponsorship programs in Canada have undergone significant changes in recent years. As such, a lot of people have been affected by these changes. Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver, can help you navigate the ever changing landscape of immigration rules and regulations, including these new changes.

You can apply under Spousal Sponsorship if:

  • The sponsor holds PR or is a Canadian citizen.
  • The sponsored party lives with the sponsor for a minimum of 2 years to maintain their PR status.
  • The relationship satisfies the common-law, married or conjugal partner rules.
  • The relationship must be genuine and not a cover for immigration fraud.
  • The sponsor must undertake in writing to support their spouse or partner for a minimum of 3 years after the sponsored party arrives in Canada.

How Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver can Help You

  • We will help bring families together
  • We will provide comprehensive application support
  • Lower risks of rejection
  • We will ensure your application is complete and compliant
  • We will help you appeal in case of refusal
  • We provide In-depth application reviews

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When applying for a spousal visa, a lot of things can go wrong. The application process can be quite overwhelming and many applicants struggle to ensure their documentation is in order. Let Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver handle your spouse/partner application process for a higher chance of success. We are dedicated to immigration consultancy and can increase your application’s chances of success substantially.

In case your spouse visa has been rejected, we can help you re-apply successfully.